Pearl Jewelry Sets

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Pearl jewelry sets are the perfect anniversary gifts. A pearl jewelry set will become a very important part of any jewelry collection to which it is added. For this reason, it's most appropriate as a gift for significant anniversaries, like the 10th, 25th or 50th anniversary. Pearl sets are an incredibly romantic gift that let the woman in your life know you think the world of her. It is a very substantial gift.

Substantial Pearl Jewelry Sets

This is particularly true when the sets themselves are substantial. Pearl sets can sometimes be very simple. For instance, a single Akoya pearl pendant with matching pearl studs makes a lovely set, but a simple one. However, a triple strand necklace of large pearls with a matching triple strand bracelet is anything but simple or ordinary. Together, the necklace and bracelet create a dramatic, unforgettable effect.

In addition to anniversaries, pearls make wonderful gifts for significant birthdays. Because pearls are so versatile, they are as appropriate for a Sweet 16 gift as they are for a 75th birthday. However, the types of pearls you give should vary according to the recipient's age. The average 16-year old doesn't have the presence or the gravity to make a triple strand of pearls work. A woman in her 50s does.

Opening a jewelry box is one of the most exciting feelings in the world. The sense of anticipation one feels before cracking open the lid is half the fun of receiving jewels! If you want to add to the gift of the pearls or pearl set, you may want to give her something to wear her pearls with. For instance, if you are giving your daughter a pearl collar, you may want to give her a V-neck cashmere sweater to pair it with.

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