Pearl Pendants

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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If you love pearls but think they're too conservative for your style, try pearl pendants. Pearl pendants offer a minimal, modern beauty that always looks contemporary. A large-sized, single pearl on a thin gold chain is just as much of a collector's item as a strand of pearls, yet it's more daring, more original, and sexier.

Pearl Pendants in Black and White

When it comes to choosing your pearl pendant, give some thought as to the color. White Akoya pearls make phenomenal pendants, but so do Tahitian black pearls. Both bring luster and beauty to a woman's appearance, and both can be paired with a variety of outfits. For instance, a single black pearl can look amazing against a white turtleneck or ivory cashmere sweater. A single white pearl will look incredible with everything from black suits to red crew neck sweaters.

Pearl pendants can also be an excellent compromise piece between couples. Perhaps you love the versatility and elegance of pearl strands, but your husband prefers it when you wear something sexier. Pearl pendants would make a great compromise piece. Perhaps your parents want to buy you pearls to fill out your jewelry collection, but you prefer less traditional jewelry. Again, pendants are the ideal compromise.

Although pearl pendants are quite simple, they often come with elaborate, breathtaking settings. Some of these settings sparkle with diamonds, or glitter with platinum. If you've asked for a pearl pendant as a gift, make sure you specify what type of setting you want. Someone who wants a very plain, invisible setting will be disappointed with a glittering one, and vice versa.

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