Pearl Strands

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Pearl strands are among the most versatile jewelry a woman could ever own. Pearl necklaces make business outfits look more polished. They make casual outfits like jeans and sweaters look warmer and dressier. Pearl strands can also make a lower cut dress look incredibly sexy.

Timeless Pearl Strands

In addition to being so versatile, pearl jewelry is eternal. This is one of the few items you can buy in your 20s, knowing that you will not only wear it for the rest of your life, but will pass it on to your daughter or daughter-in-law one day. When my own grandmother passed away a few years ago, I inherited three different strands of her pearls, as well as some pearl earrings. I inherited a pretty extensive jewelry collection from her, and the pearls are perhaps the only items that don't look dated.

I love the other jewelry items she left me, but I can definitely tell which decade most of them are from. Her pearl strands, on the other hand, are timeless. As my mom once told me, pearl jewelry will get you out of a bind more times than you can count. Whenever I find that my outfit just isn't dressy enough or sophisticated enough, I throw on a strand of pearls and am instantly transformed.

Pearls come in a range of shapes, sizes and colors. They also come in varying degrees of quality. Round, white, flawless pearls are the most highly coveted, but there's nothing wrong with starting your pearl jewelry collection with something a little less expensive. A lot of young women also prefer funky black pearls to traditional white ones. Although black pearls have a more dramatic edge than white pearls, they are just as versatile, and just as appropriate for business and personal occasions of all kind.

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