Pearl Studs

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Earrings should draw attention to your face in a positive way. In recent years, chandelier or drop earrings have become quite popular. Personally, I look forward to the day when their fashion sun sets. Some women look terrific in chandeliers, drops or large hoops, but many women do not have the best face shape for this look. Long earrings accentuate a long face in an unflattering way.

You Can't Go Wrong with Studs

When it comes to a flattering set of earrings, you can't go wrong with studs. Studs and very small hoops or small drops flatter every face shape. They draw attention where it should be, on the woman's eyes, cheekbones and skin. They might also draw attention to her hair, particularly if it's worn up, or tucked behind the ears.

Pearl studs are universally flattering. Some women don't look good in gold and some women don't look good in silver, but just about every woman looks beautiful in pearls. They bring a soft glow to the face. In the jewelry industry, this is known as the pearl's luster. The luster is the soft, deep glow created when light bounces off the crystals of calcium carbonate which make up the body of the pearl.

For added glamour, try earrings that pair pearls with diamonds. I like pearls with a hint of gold or a hint of diamond, because it allows me to easily incorporate a diamond necklace or gold bracelet into my look. Pearls make pale skin look fair, tan skin looking glowing, and dark skin look dramatic and velvety. They are some of the most flattering items of jewelry any woman could own.

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