Tahitian Black Pearls

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Pearls don't have to be conservative. If pearl strands make you think of demure housewives in cashmere sweater sets, think again. Tahitian black pearls are among the sexiest and most dramatic jewelry items a woman could own.

Creating Black Pearls

Tahitian black pearls get their unusual color from the Tahitian oyster's lips. The pinctada maxima is a large oyster that grows in the tropical waters of the South Pacific. The black-lipped version of the pinctada maxima produces the black pearl. This oyster commonly grows to over a foot in diameter, and the pearls it produces are equally large.

The large size of Tahitian black pearls makes them splendid as single drop pendants hanging from chains. One large, black pearl, set against the bare skin below your throat makes a dramatic and very sensual statement. It looks incredible with a low cut dress, blouse or sweater, and is perfect for romantic restaurants or glitzy cocktail parties.

Black pearls also make a fantastic gift. A man can impress and thrill the woman in his life by giving her a black pearl pendant, necklace, or bracelet. Jewelry is a perennial favorite as a gift, and pearls are among the most treasured jewels of all. Black pearls are romantic when given as Valentine's or anniversary gifts. However, they may be even more appreciated on birthdays or around the holidays, when she suspects you may give her something dull like a waffle iron. The element of surprise will make her pleasure all the greater.

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