Advertising Pens

Written by Rebecca Russell
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The most important job of an advertiser is getting a product or commodity to be a household name. People must become familiar with a product name before they become repeat, or even first-time, customers. This is one of the building blocks of brand recognition. The ultimate goal is to have consumers, who are bombarded each day by competing products, choose your brand--and continue to choose it for years to come.

Advertisers are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ideas to keep their products in the forefront of consumers’ minds. Mainstream media (print ads, radio, television commercials, etc) is becoming increasingly more expensive and smaller companies are finding it difficult to compete on the same level as older, more established companies. One innovative way to advertise a new product, without spending thousands on media, is to create pens emblazoned with a product slogan and flood the market with them.

An Example of How Advertising Pens Might Work for a New Brand

Consider a particular brand of soap--SOAPSUDS. Perhaps the slogan for SOAPSUDS reads simply, “Have you washed your hands today?” Pens could be designed with this, and other variations of the slogan, printed on them. The slogan would appear, on the pen, with the product website listed beneath. Pens would then be distributed throughout the market, to college campuses or to Human Resource departments in large companies, for example.

Pens will be used and passed around among friends, neighbors and coworkers. This exposure will equal thousands of impressions for the SOAPSUDS slogan and website. Curious customers will start to recognize the brand, and will be more likely to choose SOAPSUDS the next time they are at a local store.

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