Ballpoint Pens

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Ballpoint pens are a great choice for students. They fit well into any budget, however small, and can often be found on sale. Some even come in packages of multiple pens, which can be split among two or three students to help cut down on cost. Ballpoint pens offer an ease of writing that comes in handy when taking notes. The distribution of ink is smooth, and the wide array of tip sizes (from fine to large) allows each person to choose a pen that best suits his or her writing style.

Most varieties of ballpoint pens are disposable. This means that you will not have to worry about finding a store that carries ink refills, which are often more expensive than a package of disposable pens. Additionally, ballpoint pens are lightweight, making it convenient to carry more than one, just in case your pen runs out of ink.

Determining Your Type of Pen

Ballpoint pens are a variety that most people are probably familiar with, yet few understand how they work. Look at the tip of your pen. If the tip is round and made of metal, you probably have a ballpoint. Another way to be sure is to write with your pen. With a non-ballpoint pen, you will likely create a thicker line when you write, since the tip must be wider in order to distribute the ink.

If you took the cap off of a non-ballpoint pen and held the tip to paper for 20 or 30 seconds, you would see an ink mark spreading out from the tip and bleeding onto any pages you may have underneath. Ballpoint pens distribute ink in such a way that you could hold your ballpoint pen to paper for one whole minute and come away with only one small dot. This feature comes in handy for students who often fall asleep during late-night study sessions.

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