Company Gift Pens

Written by Rebecca Russell
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During the holidays, it always seems a struggle to find the perfect gift that shows employee appreciation. This year, you might want to consider giving the useful and beautiful gift of an engraved pen. An engraved pen can be used in the office, or taken home and put on display. Either way, your employee will feel appreciated upon receipt of this thoughtful token.

Tips for a Quality Holiday Gift

If you have the budget to do so, the best gift is a pen engraved with each employee’s name. Particularly in a large company, this shows that those in charge are very aware and thankful for each individual employee--from the night guard to the human resources coordinator. A personal pen is a gift to be cherished.

Individually engraving hundreds of pens can be costly, however. Even if pens are purchased in bulk, the cost of each engraving can add up. If expense is an issue, engraving a simple “Thank You” or “Happy Holidays” on each pen can cut down on the cost. With one saying, the engraving cost will likely be less, since the engravers will not have to change their settings often, if at all.

A holiday gift, while not necessary, is a simple way to foster employee satisfaction. It is a small way for every company to show gratitude for the hard work and effort each person puts forth. A company is nothing without competent employees, and a thoughtful, personalized gift is a lovely way to acknowledge that fact.

Another way to distribute your company pen is through mailings. If you have to send a contract or papers to be signed, why not include in the package a complimentary pen? The client will have the opportunity to put the pen to immediate use. Once they have finished, your pen is also conveniently in their office, where they are more likely to display it on a desk or in a penholder.

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