Company Name Pens

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Nothing says, “Thank you for your business” like a beautiful pen, engraved with your company name and logo. Your clients will be thrilled to receive a superior writing instrument, and you will get the added bonus of your company name being on display in an office environment. This could generate additional business for you, with no more effort than it takes to order a customized pen.

If your budget is small, however, you can achieve the same effect without spending money on an expensive pen model. Plastic pens can be purchased in bulk at very reasonable prices. Many plastic models look much more elegant than their cost might suggest. Choosing one of these pens will help keep your costs down, but still give you a lovely product.

Tips for Effectively Distributing Your Company Pen

Often, it is not the quality of the pen that counts, but the way in which you get your product to your client. If you are in sales, for instance, you could present each client on your sales route with a company pen. This person-to-person contact and presentation is a great way to effectively keep your name and face in the forefront of your client’s mind.

Another way to distribute your company pen is through mailings. If you have to send a contract or papers to be signed, why not include in the package a complimentary pen? The client will have the opportunity to put the pen to immediate use. Once they have finished, your pen is also conveniently in their office, where they are likely to display it on a desk or in a pen holder.

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