Corporate Gifts

Written by Rebecca Russell
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During the holidays, it is customary for corporations to present their clients with special gifts, showing appreciation for their business. These gifts are an unspoken necessity and each year, it is the job of the company to be sure that their gift is used and remembered, not just tolerated. With the number of fruit baskets, cards and candy boxes that pile up, particularly in large offices, it is best to try and make your gift slightly different. This extra effort will help to keep you in good standing throughout the next year.

Take the time to think about each client. Are they the type to appreciate an elegant writing pen, perhaps engraved with their name or initials? If so, an engraved pen, perhaps plated with gold, makes a stunning impression. A pen is always useful, cannot go bad, like fruit, and does not send dieters into a panic, like a box of chocolates.

How to Make the “Write” Impression

When giving a pen as a gift, presentation and quality are key elements. If you choose to have the pen engraved with a name, triple-check that it has been spelled correctly before you order. Nothing is more embarrassing than a mistake inscribed permanently into metal. Additionally, when the pen arrives, be sure to inspect it closely to be sure it has not been damaged in shipping. It is never a good idea to present a client with a flawed gift.

Finally, be sure that the wrapping outside the gift matches the elegance of the gift itself. If the company offers gift-wrapping, that will save you time; however, be sure to keep a few extra ribbons in your office. These will come in handy if you need to spruce up wrapping that may have been slightly crushed during shipping. These little details will help to make your gift memorable.

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