Custom Pencils

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Children typically respond well to reward systems, particularly in an educational environment. For extracurricular activities, such as dance lessons, art lessons, or music lessons, it is a common exercise to present children with special awards for achievement, perseverance and improvement. These awards can come at the end of each lesson or when a student has reached certain goal levels.

Awards come in various forms. Some teachers award lollipops. Others give ribbons or certificates. Still others, for larger achievements, award trophies. These awards, soon after they are given, are eaten or are relegated to a shelf or mantle and begin collecting dust. An interesting alternative to these common awards might be a customized pencil.

Awards That Make a Difference

Pencils are important tools, especially for music lessons. They are imperative for any student who wishes to learn an instrument or polish their vocal skills. Pencils are used to mark scores, take notes, and revise music wherever necessary. A special pencil would be a perfect way to recognize a student’s progress, while giving them an item that they can put to good use.

Pencils can be easily customized to be a reward for any activity. They can be stamped with musical notes, the outline of ballet slippers, or with a drawing of a baseball mitt. Pencils can even be ordered as first, second, and third place prizes for contest winners. Many varieties are also easy on the budget, which is important, especially for private teachers who are not funded by the public school system.

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