Custom Pens

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Siblings often argue with one another about ownership of property. From stuffed animals to shirts to favorite drinking glasses, minor wars can erupt when siblings battle over their possessions. Parents often find themselves in the middle of these arguments, having to solve them with patience and justice. Unfortunately, especially with children of a certain age, there is often no clear solution, and one sibling or another winds up deeming the situation “unfair.”

If you have more than one child of school age, you understand that fights can even break out over pens and pencils. A suggestion for these situations is to order pens that are customized for each of your children. Each child can be involved in the process of customizing his or her own pens, and when the inevitable fights break out, you can easily solve them by pointing out the differences in the pens.

Customizing Pens for Your Children

The Internet can provide some great resources for researching types of pens. Before you begin, it is a good idea to determine your budget and the various pen styles that you would be willing to purchase. After gathering all of your information, sit down with each child individually and show them the vast array of colors and designs from which they can choose. This will allow them to feel a sense of ownership over their special pens.

There are many companies who can imprint a pen with your child’s name. This may be the best tool for breaking up fights, since it is difficult to claim dominion over something that is prominently inscribed with another name. Once the battle of the pens is solved, you may want to consider doing the same with clothing, sport equipment, and as they get older, prom dates.

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