Discount Pencils

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Teaching can be one of the more rewarding career choices. Many teachers are uplifted by the fact that they are responsible for educating the youth of this country. They are charged with the task of helping children to master the tools necessary for success in the social and working world.

Unfortunately, educational budget cuts are becoming increasingly more prevalent. As budgets go down, cost of supplies are constantly rising. For smaller school districts, even the most basic supplies--chalk, paper and pencils--become a budgetary nightmare. Often, it falls to teachers and parents to make up the difference where school budgets leave off.

The tool most widely used in the classroom is the pencil. Marks, misspelled words, and math errors can be easily corrected when writing with pencil. This feature aids in the learning process, since a paper full of scratched out words and sentences can be distracting.

Tips for Purchasing Pencils on a Budget

Many companies offer school supplies, particularly pencils, at great discounts. People are often drawn to a particular pencil brand name or design. Brand names tend to be more expensive, however, and there is, generally, no difference in quality among discount pencils. When maximizing your budget, discounted pencils are often the best bang for your buck.

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