Discount Pens

Written by Rebecca Russell
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The cost of living these days is skyrocketing. With the increasing price of gas, food, housing, and clothing, most families are on tight budgets. Even those who make a nice living enjoy cutting a few corners now and again to save for a special trip or occasion.

There are countless books written on the subject of saving money. Some advocate buying two-ply toilet paper and separating it into two one-ply rolls. Others advise keeping soap scraps and melding them together to get the most out of your soap cakes. For the less extreme, there is the option of buying discount office supplies.

Discount Office Supplies at a Glance

When it comes to paper, pen, and pencils, the quality difference between the more pricey varieties and the less expensive is minimal to none. Unless you keep company with an extremely judgmental crowd, no one would ever notice that your pens are not name brand. Many pen distributors offer a special brand of pen, which typically sells for less than the name brands.

Pens, in particular, are disposable items. They are constantly lost, broken or given away. This is a great reason to purchase your pens in large quantities, which can often bring down the cost. With discount pens, you can feel free to lend pens to friends, neighbors, and strangers without worrying whether you will get them back.

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