Engraved Pens

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Many families have special heirlooms, passed down from father to son, mother to daughter. For some families, these precious pieces are jewelry or furniture. In my family, there is a rocking chair--a nursing chair--that has passed from mother to daughter for almost five generations. The chair now lives in my house, and whenever I pass my hands across its smooth armrests, I feel connected to my mother and grandmother and am thankful for the family to which I belong.

Heirlooms are not always kept for true value, but for sentimental value. In this way, even something as simple as an engraved pen can become a treasured item, passed down with pride. The process of engraving a pen is rather simple, when done correctly by those who are trained; yet the simplest engraving can turn a normal pen into something that will be kept for a lifetime.

How to Preserve Your Engraved Pen

If you purchase an engraved pen and intend to keep it in working condition, preserving it for years to come, one suggestion is to use it sparingly. Some families have books where they record family births and deaths. Perhaps the heirloom pen could be used for this purpose, recording the events of each generation before it passes down.

If you are someone who enjoys putting your treasures to good use, be sure to purchase a pen of good quality. It is wise to research brands that have been in existence for years. Ask a representative at your store of choice what brand they might recommend. You may have to spend slightly more than you would on a pen you might use every day, but if a lasting family piece is important, the extra expense will seem well worth the end result.

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