Fine Pens

Written by Rebecca Russell
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People are picky about pens. Ask anyone you know, and you’ll find that, most of the time, they can tell you exactly what type of pen they prefer to use. Some will go into specifics, claiming that it has to be black ink, must be medium point, and absolutely cannot be felt tip. Others will give you a simple style preference--capped or click-tops, metal or plastic.

Among the harder types to find are fine-pointed pens. Fine and extra-fine tips are not always offered in your typical stationery store. Not every brand has the fine point option since most people prefer, or are simply used to, a medium point. If, however, you are one of those people who must have a fine-tipped pen, your best bet is to visit a specialty pen store.

Places to Find Fine Pens

These days, the Internet is always a good place to start when looking for a particular type of product. Specialty pen stores are not found in every town, so it is often easier to let your fingers do the shopping. Simply navigate to your favorite search engine and type in your desired product. You will likely not have to look very far for a company offering a wide variety of pens and easy ways to order.

Another tip is to purchase fine pens in bulk. If you are placing your order on the Internet, you will have to pay for your pens to be shipped. Purchasing more pens than you might need immediately will save you having to order more a few months down the road. Additionally, buying in bulk often decreases the price per pen, which, for the savvy shopper, is always a bonus.

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