Gel Pens

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Gel pens are a popular choice among adults and children alike. The bold colors and ease of use make them the perfect choice for arts, crafts, and refrigerator artwork. Scrapbooks and photo albums will come alive with the use of gel ink. Students may also find gel pens useful in taking class notes, and they are a finer alternative to highlighters.

Advantages of Using Gel Pens

Gel pens are often noted for the even manner in which they deposit ink on paper. Some people even keep gel pens in the freezer, claiming it gives the ink a smoother quality. A smooth pen is a good pen, as the old saying goes!

Additionally, gel ink typically does not bleed through thin or delicate paper. This feature is particularly useful when taking notes in certain textbooks or anthologies. Generally, larger literary collections bound together in one book have very thin pages. This helps keep the size of the book to a minimum; however, it makes noting passages rather difficult. Gel ink offers a wonderful solution to that issue.

Brightly colored gel ink looks quite striking, particularly when used on dark colored paper. Many contemporary photo albums are designed with black paper and a gel pen allows captions and details to pop off of each page. In this way, you will be able to experience and read your memories, in bright colors, for years to come.

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