Gift Pens

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Adolescence is a particularly trying time in life. Teens struggle with gaining more and more responsibility, all while following the rules of their parents and teachers. There is often a lot of pressure to succeed, to make decisions and choices, not to mention the amount of social stress that faces young men and women each day. These factors all roll together, and for some teens, create difficult days.

As a parent, there is often a feeling of helplessness. When children are young, stress can be easily alleviated and fears assuaged. As children grow, however, sometimes the only support that a parent can offer is a sympathetic ear and support. Sometimes a special gift is a great way to cheer up the teen in your household. A possible suggestion might be a pen and a journal where dreams, worries, and hopes can be recorded.

Pens as Gifts

When selecting a pen as a gift, particularly in this case, it is a nice idea to spring for one of the more high-end models available. This does not mean you must break your budget, but spending the extra 20 dollars will make this gift that much more special. Remember that your teen has many trying years ahead, and will get a lot of use out of their pen.

You may choose to involve your son or daughter in the purchasing process. Determine beforehand which pens you might be willing to buy, and then allow your teen to make the final choice. This way, you can be sure your gift will be something they will use and enjoy. A journal, with the right pen, will become a great outlet for your child’s creativity.

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