Hotel Pens

Written by Rebecca Russell
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There are a few things one expects to find in any hotel room--paper and pens stamped with the hotel logo, miniature bottles of shampoo, and a Gideon Bible. Hotels provide these amenities to weary travelers and, these days, almost expect for their guests to keep them as complimentary gifts. For the hotel, the loss of a pen is a small price to pay for the extra, added exposure of their logo to other potential customers.

Ordering Pens for Your Hotel

When putting together an order for pens stamped with a hotel logo, there are a few things to keep in mind, which may make the process easier. First, choose a company that can provide both the desired amount of pens and the ability to stamp your logo. This will make the ordering and delivery process faster, as well as eliminate some of the margin for error that could come from shipping between companies.

Another good rule to follow when choosing a company is to be sure that they can accommodate many types of art files, and even hand drawings. A good company will have a written description of what types of artwork they can receive and, in most cases, will have a contact number if you have any questions not answered on the company website.

Additionally, a good company will be up front about their logo stamping abilities. They will advise you on how detailed or simple a logo will need to be to transfer well to the pen. They should also be honest about whether they can work with the logo you provide and give you the option to change your order or cancel with no penalties.

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