Imprinted Pencils

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Favors are very popular at children’s birthday parties. Guests come with a present for the birthday boy or girl and usually leave with a lovely parting gift for themselves. For the parent throwing the party, favors can often cost just as much, if not more, than the party itself. Since most parents, regardless of economic status, are concerned with money and spending, they look for ways to cut down on costs, while still providing a quality experience.

Favors for a Fraction of the Price

When dealing with school children, a new pen or pencil will be a great addition to any party favor bag. This is generally the case, especially among young girls. Presenting them with a brightly colored writing utensil is an almost guaranteed party success.

Pencils are a particularly good choice, since they can almost always be purchased at great prices. Even if your party is a small affair, you may want to think about purchasing pencils in bulk. Often, a bulk order will save money, since many companies offer a special discount on larger quantities.

If you know the guest list well-enough in advance, a great way to make an extra-added impression is to personalize a pencil for each guest. Many companies can add imprinting to your pencil order for a very reasonable price. In many cases, pencils can be ordered, imprinted, and shipped to your home in less than five days, which leaves plenty of time for last minute guest changes.

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