Imprinted Pens

Written by Rebecca Russell
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School fund-raisers are a great way to instill in students a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. When students are given the opportunity to raise money for trips or projects, they generally achieve a sense of ownership and pride. Many schools choose to sell candy bars or flowers. A more original alternative to these items might be a pen imprinted with the school name or mascot.

How to Make the Most of Your Fund-Raiser

When choosing a product to sell, cost is always a large factor. The main goal of a fund-raiser is to make a profit, so the item should not be very expensive. Good quality is also a main factor when choosing merchandise. Fundraising ideas tend to be repeated over the years if they are met with success, and the product offered should be one that supporters will want to purchase over and over again.

Pens are long-lasting items, which never go out of style. They can be ordered in various colors, and many varieties come with the option of choosing two contrasting colors (for pen body and trim). Pens designed in school colors could be a wonderful medium for the imprint of the school name or mascot.

Imprinted pens can be purchased in bulk, which aides in keeping costs to a minimum. There are websites that offer a wide variety of inexpensive, high-quality pens. These sites can make the process of designing and ordering your pens simple and affordable, which means more time can be spent organizing student volunteers and working out important fundraising details.

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