Ink Pens

Written by Rebecca Russell
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The composition and makeup of pens has been revised, redesigned, and reviewed over the years. The first pens were made of quills, sharpened at the tip and dipped in inkwells. These days, we have pens that light up when you use them. What remains, however, is the mark of ink on paper.

Most people throughout their lives make choices about what type of pen they prefer to use. Ink pens, in particular, lend an air of sophistication to any written word. Picture the look of lovely penmanship or calligraphy written with an ink pen. It conjures up images of important documents, even if the words only express a simple thank you note.

A Guide to Ink Pens

When choosing an ink pen, be sure to look for one that suits your personality. There are many varieties, from fountain to roller ball, and almost all come with your choice of ink color. Don’t be afraid to test out different types of ink pens before you commit to purchasing one, since this is a pen you will want to keep for years to come.

It is always a good idea to be familiar with the quality of your ink pen. Be sure you’ve purchased from a reputable store, otherwise you may wind up with a brand that will leak, staining your clothes and hands. Writing with your new ink pen will bring a special look to all of your future correspondence, notes, and compositions.

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