Logo Pens

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Finding new ways to express oneself is a key part of the human existence. Everyone looks for their own way to stand out in a crowd. For teenagers, particularly, individuality is a big issue. Teens often bypass purchasing certain items of clothing or accessories if another classmate owns the same shirt or baseball cap. They look for small ways of exerting independence, from hairstyles to figures of speech. Some even create a special walk, just to prove they are different and special.

These days, there are great ways of supporting teens in their attempts at individuality. One such way is giving them the opportunity to personalize an item that they use each and every day--for instance, a pen. A pen with a logo displayed prominently on the barrel will be a small, but fun, way for your teen to express his or her creativity.

Designing a Logo with Your Teen

First, sit down with your child and make a list of qualities he or she possesses. Include favorite activities, like skateboarding, horseback riding or singing. Then, try to create a drawing that incorporates those activities and qualities. The design can be literal--a pair of hockey sticks or musical notes--or it can be whimsical, incorporating words and symbols.

The important thing to keep in mind when creating your teen’s special logo is to keep the visual concept relatively simple. If the design is too intricate, while it may look lovely on paper, it will not transfer well to a pen. Remember, the surface you have to work with is about two inches wide, and not very tall. The final result on the pen will be more exciting if it shows up perfectly, and the look on your teen’s face as they marvel at their creation will be the greatest reward.

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