Metal Pens

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Metal pens give a simple elegance to everyday writing--even your grocery list! They are generally more expensive than their plastic cousins, but many people prefer the heftier feel. Metal pens are often the kind that owners are loathe to share, and are therefore less likely to be lost.

Why Use a Metal Pen?

There are those who may feel that metal pens cost too much for a simple writing utensil. People may think that metal pens are only for special uses or for those who can afford luxuries. This could not be further from the truth. There are many varieties of affordable metal pens, and even the less expensive varieties offer an air of style and grace.

Writing with a metal pen, for some, is a more pleasurable experience than writing with the lighter, plastic variety. For those who tend to write quickly and illegibly, a metal pen may help them to slow down and take more pride in the words being written. Metals pens have a very distinct feel about them. The heavier body often lends a feeling of extravagance, making the user feel like a million dollars.

Most metal pens are not disposable. When ink runs out, refills can be purchased at most office supply and stationery stores. In this way, a metal pen can last for years and can be a treasured part of your personal history.

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