Parker Pens

Written by Rebecca Russell
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The Parker Pen Company was established in the late 19th century. The founder, George Stafford Parker, was a man committed to making superior writing instruments. Over the years, Parker pens have been trusted for their high quality. In fact, recently, Parker Pens was asked to create a pen for the 50th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation.

Parker Pens are often linked with great achievements. They have been used by many household names, from George Bernard Shaw to Puccini. Maybe that is why Parker pens are so often given as graduation gifts--they are a blessing to the recipient that he or she may do great things.

There are some people who simply enjoy using a special pen, rather than the plastic variety. Perhaps signing checks with a Parker Pen makes paying bills slightly easier. Or perhaps those who choose Parker Pens do so to hold a little piece of history in their hands.

A Guide to Some Parker Pen Models

While Parker pens have the reputation for being costly, these days anyone can own one and experience the quality. Parker makes many different models for a range of prices. Higher-priced models include the Frontier Roller Ball, designed with a trim of gold plate. More affordable varieties include the Jotter Pen, a ball point, retractable pen finished in chrome and the Vector Roller Ball. Most of these models can be found at a specialty pen store or online.

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