Pen Sets

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Executive offices are the places where deals are made, dreams come true and power is shifted. An executive office is generally designed for comfort, yet gives the impression of elegance and importance. Prospective clients and fellow businessmen should appreciate the office, and consequently, the executive as a powerful force to be reckoned with.

How to Accessorize an Executive Office

When determining what materials to place in an office, one must be cognizant of the type of impression made on anyone who enters. Elegance and good quality must be evident in the furniture, in the wall hangings, and even in the writing utensils. While an executive may choose to write with an everyday, plastic pen when alone in his or her office, he or she is expected to have a wide variety of beautiful pens for public use.

A stunning, matching pen set, prominently displayed on a desk, is a fairly good indicator of taste and importance. Pen sets, whether new or passed down from a predecessor, are the quintessential symbol of success. Since pen sets are not generally a household item, they give the distinct impression of business sense and prosperity.

Pen sets should be kept in top working condition and polished regularly. Since they are generally on display, inviting use, a client should be able to sign a contract or check with ease. Be sure that pen sets are constantly filled with fresh ink, and that the nib is not blocked. In these small details lies the true difference between a businessman and a powerful executive.

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