Personalized Carpenter Pencils

Written by Rebecca Russell
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A pencil is a necessary tool for any carpenter. He or she needs a reliable way to mark where wood should be cut, where nails should be inserted, and where studs will need to be placed. Without a pencil, a carpenter is unable to perform his or her work with the accuracy required of the profession.

Tools of the Carpentry Trade

Unfortunately, ordinary pencils are not suitable for many of the environments in which carpenters typically work. Pencils are round and will roll away on any type of slope, no matter how slight. Most carpenters employ a special type of pencil, predictably known as a “carpenter pencil.” There are two elements essential to the makeup of any carpenter pencil. First, the pencil is designed in a flat shape, which keeps it from rolling. Second, the pencil uses a special, harder type of lead or graphite that marks well on wood and other building surfaces.

A carpenter typically labels all of his or her tools. Equipment is expensive, and most people have very specific preferences of tool brand and type. Additionally, since carpenters work on site with many others, it is wise to be sure you can identify all of your tools. The same holds true of a carpenter pencil, which should be personalized with the company name and logo.

One order of personalized carpenter pencils should last for quite awhile. Carpenter pencils, owing to their special shape, can be stored easily in toolboxes or toolbelts. Since they are typically a bit thicker than normal pencils, the carpenter pencil breaks less easily and will not need replacing as often as a normal pencil.

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