Personalized Company Pens

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Job satisfaction is the American Dream of the 21st century. For generations before, the common work ethic was to find a job, stay loyal for 40 to 50 years, and retire with a pension, a watch, or an engraved pen. In this day and age, workers move around from job to job, career to career. Particularly among those of a certain age, the goal is to find the company that will provide a title change, or more money.

There are others who find working for large companies to be stifling. The dream for these individuals is to go into business for themselves. There is the office drone dreaming of opening a little coffee shop, and the lawyer deciding she should start a small independent firm. So-called “Mom and Pop” businesses are started every day, and most need an effective and inexpensive way to market themselves. One such marketing idea is the personalized company pen.

Branding Your New Business the Right Way

Pens can be purchased in large quantities, and there are many quality varieties that can easily be afforded on a tight budget. With new businesses, money is generally spread very thin, so it is important to research a few companies that have a wide range of options. These options should include choice of pen color and customization abilities.

When designing a company pen, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. First, the pen should include the name of the business, clearly and legibly. Second, be sure that the pen includes the company phone number, website information, and email address. If there is a main contact person, it is often wise to include his or her name as well. Often it is best to keep the design simple, since this pen will act as a form of business card.

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