Personalized Golf Pencils

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Golf enthusiasts are one of the top categories catered to in novelty stores. Golf-themed mugs, sweatshirts, calendars, and countless other items abound. There are personalized golf balls and golf hats, tees and clubs. If you have a golfer in your family, it is likely that you have purchased, or considered, many of these items as gifts, and you may be looking for a few new ideas.

New Ideas for Golf Gifts

One item crucial to any golf game is a golf pencil. Most golf clubs supply these shorter-than-average writing utensils. The avid golfer, however, might enjoy his or her own supply. Perhaps you could show your love and support for the golfer in your family by presenting him or her with a set of personalized golf pencils.

Golf pencils can be ordered in various colors and in different quantities. If your golfer loses things easily, it might make sense to order a large supply. You can present them all at once, or give a few on every occasion, as a running gag.

Pencils can be stamped with a special drawing or logo, or with a simple inscription of a name or initials. You may choose to include a quote by a favorite professional golfer; or if you are feeling humorous, you might choose a saying like “Dear Rob, Golf suits you to a tee!” However you choose to customize them, personalized golf pencils will almost always be an appreciated and thoughtful gift.

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