Promotional Pens

Written by Rebecca Russell
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When ordering promotional pens, common sense generally leads most people to place orders in bulk. With larger orders, the cost per unit is typically less than the cost per unit on smaller orders. Bulk ordering may also save money on shipping, since you will place, and therefore ship, orders less frequently.

Bulk Pen Orders

These days, bulk orders are easy to place, particularly on the Internet. There are specific websites designed to make the ordering and designing processes very easy. First, find a company that will give you a sample quote. Most can do this via e-mail, others will have contact phone numbers. Sample quotes will give you a good estimation of cost and make it easier to budget for your promotional pens.

There will likely be a lot of specifications from which to choose--pen color, ink type, design and quantity. Once you have determined all of your preferences, request a quote from the supplier. Some suppliers may even send you a sample of how your pen will look with your logo or business name. These samples are generally pictures, but some companies may accommodate actual samples, upon request. This is helpful, particularly with larger orders, insuring that you do not get thousands of pens with your business name spelled incorrectly.

Promotional pens, upon arrival, can be handed out in many different places. Some people may choose to make a point of including a pen in any package sent to a client. Others may provide a promotional pen for clients to use when signing a contract or receipt, and then invite the client to keep the pen. Regardless of how you choose to distribute them, a bulk order of pens will be a great way to promote your company and save money.

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