Promotional Products

Written by Rebecca Russell
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These days, it seems that everywhere you turn, promotional products bombard you. Products are offered everywhere--at the grocery store, in the mall, on the street, and even in the mail. Most of these promotional wares are useless and do nothing but create clutter.

As an example, the other day I received a promotional package from a shoe company. In it, there were four plastic ice cubes that lit up when you pressed a button. A more ineffectual item I have never encountered. The “ice cubes” did not get cold when frozen, giving them no place in any drink I would enjoy; and I cannot imagine anyone actually wanting blue, blinking objects in their water glass. Unfortunately, this is the type of item that many companies are employing. They’ve deemed it “edgy” and “eye-catching,” when most of the consumers they are trying to reach would simply find it annoying and useless.

How to Effectively Reach Your Target

If promotional products are part of your marketing technique, why not use the tried and true promotional pen or keychain or even mouse pad? These products never go out of style and are always useful. One can never have too many pens. Keychains are always necessary, between house keys, mailbox keys and car keys. Mouse pads, in particular, are one of those items that you don’t realize you need until you find yourself without one.

A promotional product cannot do its job effectively if it goes directly into the garbage or some long forgotten cabinet corner. The best way to reach your desired customer is to present them with something they will actually keep and use. In this case, as the saying goes, the old ways are the best ways.

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