Writing Pens

Written by Rebecca Russell
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A writing pen is a necessary instrument for anyone who puts words to paper. From the journalist to the poet, to the novelist, each expresses him or herself through word, syntax, structure and ink. A generic pen, one that can be purchased at your corner store, will certainly get the job done for a writer; however, a special writing pen makes the effort infinitely more satisfying.

Choosing the Perfect Gift for the Writer in Your Family

Whether you are related to a young literary genius, or simply to someone who enjoys jotting down a few ideas each week, a writing pen is a wonderful gift for the holidays or a birthday. Writing pens are often more costly than regular pens, so the writer in your family may not think to purchase one for him or herself. This makes your gift that much more special.

Start by thinking about the writer’s style. Are they classic and straightforward? Mysterious? Do they prefer things to look old-fashioned, or are they attracted to more modern shapes? Once you’ve determined the way the writer’s pen should look, you can set about making a gift choice.

Another key point to consider when purchasing a gift pen is the ink color. Many writers prefer to see their words written in a particular hue. Blue and black are the most widely used, but there are other choices, such as green and red. These little details will show that you have put forth time and effort and will turn your gift from good to priceless.

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