Accents For The Garden

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Accents for the garden can server many purposes. Sometime you want to highlight certain areas of a garden and other times you want to leave hidden treasures for visitors to find. Additionally, some accents for the garden have both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Adding Accents for the Garden

During the winter, garden plants are in a dormant state. Depending on the location, a garden could be buried in snow or could be green, just lacking any blooming flowers. Accents such as colored glass gazing balls can provide much wanted color and many focal points for you garden. Other items such as decorative planting stakes can provide pieces of flair during the winter, and then tame vines during the spring and summer.

Many people are taking after botanical garden and parks by labeling their plant with garden stakes. These stakes come in a plethora of styles ranging from ornate wrought iron to discrete stake with an elegant font identifying the flora at hand. Additionally, some people have personalized signs made with quotes or expressions and pepper them throughout their gardens.

Another accent for the garden that can be personalized is an engraved stone. These stones are often river rocks that have been polished smooth. Many places allow you to either select from a stock phrase or provide your own design, quote, or saying to be engraved. These rocks are excellent for entryways, along paths, or other focal points of a garden. With minimal care, an engraved stone can last a lifetime.

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