Auto Card Managers

Written by Shirley Parker
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Auto card managers would seem to relate in some way to motor vehicles, at first reading or hearing of the term. Even then, an adequate description would defy definition. In actual fact, in today's near-cashless society, auto card managers are fulfilling the same function that money clips have always filled, especially in earlier times. (The emphasis in the description is on the word card, not the word auto; the term stands for automatic credit card manager.)

Auto card managers organize credit cards the way money clips still organize cash, but with far less ostentation. It has probably never been safe to pull a wad of money from a pants or jacket pocket. And doing so today will likely get you followed home by the wrong kind of people, or at the very least, cause friends to insist that the next round's on you.

You can store up to six credit cards in an auto card manager, which also has room for cash. That should cover the main bank-issued cards and a gasoline card, with a couple of specialty cards brought along for a business trip or a night on the town. With dimensions of two inches by four inches, the card manager isn't unobtrusive. However, as long as manufacturers only make the casing in colors that aren't gaudy, it won't attract as much attention as a Michigan bankroll does.

The Auto Card Manager Should Feel as Sturdy as a Wallet

Vinyl likely won't last, so a leather carrying case is almost a must for a novelty that's essentially replacing part of a wallet. These items are useful in terms of convenience, and make unusual gifts as well. They are commonly engraved for a personal touch.

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