Boutique Items

Written by Scott Martin
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Boutique items fill the gift baskets at Hollywood parties, and fill pages of fashion magazines and entertainment photographs. But these boutique purchases also account for the interesting trinkets and beautiful blouses you see that sport that one-of-a-kind look in your girlfriend's house. Perhaps you've heard the backstories to these purchases: "We were in a little shop in Aspen," or "We picked this up from our travels in Europe." These select, specialty stores oftentimes offer the highest quality, and most original flair.

The notion of a boutique began in France, the word coming from the Old French botique, meaning "small shop." Its earliest origins date back to the apothecaries of Rome's classical world, which were storehouses with a variety of health and healing-based sundries. Today, the top boutiques might not sell medicinal products anymore, but the notion of a collection of the highest quality sundries still applies. Because boutiques often aren't marketing to the masses, they compensate for quantity with quality of materials and craftmanship.

Finding Boutique Gifts without the High, Handmade Price Tag

Of course, for some, the thought of shopping primarily at boutiques for gifts is enough to scare the buyer away. All too often, we come to expect high mark-up and random selection of items. The truth is that many boutiques are simply a collection of fashionable gifts, often with a common theme or feel. Because of this, if you find one item you adore at a boutique, chances are you'll be more than pleased with the changing selection, with similar looks.

In fact, as more boutiques create an online presence, you'll find that it's much easier to shop from the comfort of your own home. Search functions mean that rather than poring over each shelf of a store, you can find unique items by simply typing a few specific words at a boutique website. Oftentimes, you can create your own collection of upscale online boutiques simply by bookmarking their addresses in your browser. As you shop online, your list of favorite boutiques will grow, giving you high-end shopping destinations for every occasion.

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