Candle Gifts Online

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Candles provide a wonderful accent to any room whether they are burned or displayed as decorative pieces. Moreover, because candles come in many different colors, scents, and styles, they make great gifts. Knowing about the different types of candles is useful when searching for candle gifts online.

Candles are essentially a fuel, such as wax, with a wick. The most common type of fuel is paraffin wax. This wax is petroleum-based and can thus accept both color and scents easily. In addition, this type of wax tends to the least expensive.

Beeswax on the other hand can have a more rustic appearance. These candles usually do not have scents added since they are fragrant by nature. Less common types of wax are vegetable or soy wax. These two waxes produce smoother candles and have a less crystalline finish.

Selecting Candle Gifts Online

When selecting candle gifts online, it is important to select an appropriate candle form. Taper candles, like the ones frequently used at the dinner table, are a more utilitarian candle. Pillar and container candles tend to make great gifts. Pillar candles are usually several inches in diameter and have decorative patterns or flair. Hence, they are well-suited as display pieces. On the other hand, container candles are almost always scented. These candles often come in a glass jar and are colored. While nice to look at, they are most effective in filling a room with an aromatic fragrance.

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