Company Logo Apparel

Written by Patricia Skinner
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All businesses are constantly looking for opportunities to maximize their company's exposure. Getting their name "out there" is a vital part of promoting and nurturing any business. It's a fact that the more often you see a name or logo, the more you come to accept it as something of importance. This is known as branding. One great way of promoting branding is the use of the company logo on apparel worn by staff.

Logos can be professionally applied to t-shirts, shirts, jackets, caps and hats with ease and simplicity. There are also such heavier items as fleece vests and jackets. A company logo can be applied to just about anything. In addition, the process is not expensive.

Ways of Applying a Logo

There are several ways of applying an image such as a logo to an item of clothing. Silk screen printing, heat transfer and embroidery are three well known methods. Silk screen printing and embroidery are the oldest methods. Silk screen printing can be very efficient and striking, but quality varies considerably. It is important to work with a quality company and ask to see examples of their work.

Embroidery is without doubt the superior way of applying any image. Colors remain bright and clear and quality is immediately apparent. Particularly if quality embroidery threads are used, an embroidered logo can be counted on to last for years. Logos can either be applied directly to an item of apparel, or turned into a badge which can then be sewn onto any item.

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