Corporate Logo Gift

Written by Shirley Parker
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Gifts with a corporate logo are so commonplace that there are hundreds of sources for them. Narrowing down those options, especially for a first time marketing investment, can be time-consuming. A promotional item put out by a competitor may give a clue as to the supplier, which can be helpful if it's well made and something your top brass deems appropriate to their image, too.

If your corporate logo gifts have to be approved by a committee, the decision will take longer and runs the risk of never happening in the time frame you need. Narrow down your items, price ranges, and your sources to as few as possible, but have other information ready to whip out in the latest meeting. Even small companies have at least one nit-picking, stubborn individual with a personal agenda, who can wreck your attempts to come up with what the boss asked you to produce that will further the business's goals.

Gifts with a corporate logo can be small, high quality items, including pens, letter-openers, and keychains, or large ticket items such as mahogany base clocks, barbecue grills, and leather mouse pads. Depending on the item, laser engraving may be used, or if it is clothing, such as a golf shirt or cap, machine embroidery is the best option.

When Employees Choose Their Own Gifts

If the company is putting together a catalog of items that employees can order for themselves, according to number of years of service, or employee referral rewards, or holiday gifts, have as large a selection as possible in each category. Include gift certificates to well-known stores, not just pricey, exclusive establishments. And always arrange ahead of time for a wide range of gift ideas. Having only flasks and lighters is usually not enough, since many do not drink or smoke.

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