Crystal Paperweights

Written by Scott Martin
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Crystal paperweights are an excellent way to add panache to your desktop. These are made with high quality lead crystal glass that is virtually colorless and is highly refractive. Often paperweights will contain an embedded design that is highlighted by the luminosity of the crystal itself. Designs range from simple splashes of color, to individual words, to highly ornate patterns.

Care for a Crystal Paperweights

With some simple care, it is easy to maintain the brilliance of a crystal paperweight for years. In general, more damage is done to crystal during its cleaning and moving, than at any other time. Because crystal is softer than glass, it requires a more gentle touch.

The main reason to clean a crystal paperweight is to remove dust build-up and the occasional coffee spill. Do not be tempted simply to wipe the dust off with a paper towel. When wiping, the dust acts as an abrasive material, which over the years will dull the brilliance of the crystal. Either use a soft, lint-free cloth or gently wash the paperweight.

Since paperweights are often on desks and coffee tables, there are in the line of coffee, sodas, and other food hazards. If there is any heavy soiling on the paperweight, wash it in warm water and use a mild detergent. A small amount of ammonia can help prevent spotting as the crystal dries off. Be sure to rinse off the crystal with warm water as well since a sudden change in temperature can crack crystal.

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