Crystal Toe Rings

Written by Scott Martin
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Toe rings have been part of jewelry collections since the ancient Egyptians. These rings are a great way to add flair to an outfit, especially when wearing sandals, flip-flops, or when going barefoot. Crystal toe rings are even more eye-catching because of the reflective nature of crystal.

While there are both sized and adjustable toe rings available, many people find sized rings more comfortable. Adjustable rings have a tendency to pinch the wearer and get caught on clothes and fabrics. When you have crystal toe rings or other toe rings that have a larger stone or design, you do not want them to shift around. Regardless of what style of ring you wear, you want to check and make sure there are no sharp edges that can irritate your toes.

Wearing Crystal Toe Rings

When wearing only one toe ring, it is common to have it on the second toe, which is the one next to the big toe. However, it is permissible to, and many people do, wear more than one toe ring. This is a matter of what is comfortable for the wearer.

Some people wonder how these rings stay on the toe. The best fit for a toe ring is to be in the center of the toe, below the first joint. Then the wider part of the toe keeps the ring from sliding off. You want the ring to be snug when fitting it over this toe pad and to have a little wiggle room once it is in place. Some people will use a little oil to help get rings on. Conversely, if a toe ring gets stuck, you can use oil to help remove the ring.

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