Custom Apparel

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The business of custom apparel is growing. It has been popular right from the start, but in recent years, computerized machinery has made it possible to produce high quality, inexpensive images that are suitable for a wide range of purposes. Whether for gifts, team uniforms, or even personnel uniforms, personalizing or customizing many different apparel items is now routine practice for many businesses.

Methods of Customizing

There are several ways to customize a garment by applying a design or logo, or even a name or a number. The image can be applied with silk screen printing, or with embroidery. These are the two main methods. There are others, though: application of an image with heat, known as heat transfer, is also quite popular. Any other method is hardly worth mentioning here, as these are the best, most effective and most cost-conscious solutions.

Embroidery gives perhaps the best finished effect of all. The reason so many people opt for embroidery over other methods is that once it's applied, it's permanent. This means that you will have a durable, attractive image whether it's for decorative purposes or for practical purposes.

Screen printing can be long lasting if the materials used are of high quality. The main advantages of screen printing are that it's fast and inexpensive. Prices of course vary according to the quality of materials and machinery used. Heat transfer is generally used where only small numbers of garments are intended to be treated.

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