Custom Embroidered Jackets

Written by Patricia Skinner
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There's not a single item of sports apparel that can't be embroidered to reflect your sport, club or team, whatever that may be. You can get embroidered jackets with your team logo, or anything else you want. In fact, you could even have custom embroidered jackets with any kind of image or decoration on them.

Making the Most of the Image

The image on the back of a jacket should be positioned quite high up for the best possible effect. In addition to an image on the back of the jacket, most designs include an image on the left chest, too. This can be changed to the right chest if necessary. It is possible to embroider one or both sleeves above the cuff as well.

If you want to get a message of any kind across to the public, you won't find a garment better than a jacket to say it. To begin with, the back of a jacket is expansive so you have plenty of room for your image. Then, jackets are outerwear, so they won't be covered with anything else. In summer, perhaps you'd be better off switching to t-shirts for promotional purposes!

Bear in mind that the larger your image, the higher the prices will be for custom embroidery. If you're paying, then make sure that you get a good company who will execute the contract with commitment and pride. Check by doing samples with your chosen company before you commit to a large consignment.

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