Custom Embroidery

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Custom embroidery is one of the most underestimated branding tools in the world of business. Businesses are always on the lookout for anything that will help to promote them to make their names household words. The science of "branding" has grown up around this need, and is now a highly complex and sophisticated process. It is not enough just to have it widely known that your products are great quality, or that your organization is the best. It is also necessary to make sure that your customers recognize your products at a glance and will always know where to find them; having custom embroidered items with your logo can make all the difference.

The real secret is to get a business logo in front of as many people as you can, for as much of the time as you can. Ads on prime time TV are at the top of the totem pole here, but they cost literally millions of dollars. Most companies are forced to look for realistic alternatives.

Keeping Your Brand in the Public Eye

There are so many ways to get a logo, or brand, in the public eye. Sadly though, too many businesses underestimate their effectiveness. Ever experienced walking past a delivery van emblazoned with the logo of your favorite take-out food? Remember how you literally started to salivate? You didn't see or smell food; all that happened was that you recognized the logo. That's the power of branding.

It is getting your logo in front of the public that matters, and having a logo that "says it" for you can be a crucial part of building your business. While branding is big business now, there are ways of getting your brand established at minimal cost. It's necessary to get creative in every sense of the word.

First you need to have a logo designed that sums your business up perfectly, and is also catchy enough to grab attention. Then you need to think of ways of using it. Printing on workers' caps and uniforms is classic, and still works well. This applies particularly if you make an effort to ensure that employees are clean and presentable and project the image you have in mind for your company.

Keeping a Fresh Image

It's critical that the way you present your logo is unique and fresh. Having it stamped on is not satisfactory in the long run. Having logos professionally embroidered onto items of clothing and other items is a great idea. Not only will the logo be permanently applied, when quality threads and fabrics are used, the image will remain bright and clear. You will instantly create an image of quality this way.

If you are embroidering items such as caps to give away, using embroidery rather than stamping on an image will make your item more desirable. Try and think of adding your logo to unusual items that people will enjoy. You can add flair and style to just about any item to announce your team, company or organization. School uniforms can be custom embroidered with the school badge so that even after many washes, the badge still looks as good as when the item was bought.

Other organizations such as day spas, clinics, hospitals, parks and others can also benefit from custom embroidery in this way. Hotels and resorts can have employee uniforms as well as linens embroidered to make them unique and immediately identifiable. The uses of custom embroidery are just about endless--but you want to make sure that you use a top embroidery company.

Check the Quality

It's worth bearing in mind that not all companies that do custom embroidery produce the same quality and appearance. If your image matters to you, as it should, then you need to check on the quality you'll be getting before you commit yourself. Have a look at samples of previous work. Ask about the materials that will be used for your project. Ask if there will be any extra charges. Some custom embroidery companies charge extra for a large logo, or for custom designed logos.

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