Custom Hat Embroidery

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Today it is rare to see a hat of any kind that does not have some sort of embroidery on it. Logos and initials abound. There's a good reason for this. Hats are very visible and they're possibly the best item of apparel if you're trying to get a message across. If you've noticed how many hats of every different type now carry a logo, you'll also have noticed the variable quality.

To create an embroidered hat line for any kind of promotion, you'll agree that the better quality hats will give a better impression. Quality always looks nicer. The project doesn't need to be overly complicated. A simple, well-made hat with a simple, but elegant logo can have the most impact. It's also important to remember that the classier embroidered hats will be acceptable to wider range of people and you'll get more exposure when more people wear them.

Choosing the Right Company

Skilled personnel are essential for custom hat embroidery. It can be a very tricky job to have your logo or design placed in just the right place. This is not a task to leave to amateurs.

The custom embroidery company you work with will play a crucial role in the success or failure of your hat embroidery project. Make sure they have professional digitizers working for them who will be able to interpret your design in the way you envisage. Also ask about the quality of threads that they'll use in your project. If possible, try to work with one that will agree to show you a "sew out" of your product before they go ahead with the bulk of the order.

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