Digitizing Services

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Any graphic image that needs to be applied to an item or piece of fabric needs to be digitized. Digitizing is the process of turning an image into a digitally readable format. If the image is destined to become an embroidered image, the digitizing consists of rendering the image into stitches.

Many custom embroidery workshops will also offer digitizing services. You can either ask for the service as part of your embroidery or silk screen printing order, or you can seek digitizing services alone. Some companies will accept to do the digitizing for you even if you are not planning to offer them your embroidery or printing contract. Others will require both.

Checking a Digitized Image

If you are seeking digitizing services only from a particular company, make sure that they plan to do a test stitch of your design to make sure that it is accurate. It could be disastrous if you go on to use the design with another company and it's not correct. You could end up with thousands of items with an incorrect image.

Skilled digitizers can create maximum artistic effect with the minimum of stitches. Ask about this, because the cost of digitizing is usually in accordance with how many stitches are in the design. The more stitches, the more you'll pay. In addition, many companies will impose an editing charge if you want any changes made to your design once the digitizing process is complete. Remember that this is a one-time charge. Once you have had your design digitized you can go on to use it again and again at no extra charge.

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