Embroidered Golf Towels

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Small-scale towels have become just another item of absolutely indispensable golf paraphernalia. Often found with a metal grommet in one corner so they can be hung on a golf cart, you'll see every golfer with a few on hand. As many businesses are discovering, they make great gifts and promotional items.

Golf Towels with a Message

Golf towels come in just about every shape, color and size, so you'd think that they're pretty much an individual thing. However, they're now among the most popular items for individualization for a lot of different reasons. Some golfers like to have their towels embroidered with catchy golf phrases such as "World's Best Golfer." Others prefer to have their name embroidered on.

It's also common to see golf towels embroidered with the name of the club to which a golfer belongs. Giving out golf towels with a corporate message embroidered on them can be a very profitable promotional idea. Those towels get seen by a lot of people, and if well-designed, will even be readable to a TV audience.

The great thing about golf towels is that they're extremely inexpensive. They're the perfect medium for promotion of any company or event. They can be handed around whenever a little promotion is called for. Or, they can be used as prizes in a tournament or golf outing.

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