Embroidery Digitizing Services

Written by Patricia Skinner
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"Digitizing" is rendering anything into digital format so that it can be read by a computer or a computerized machine. The process of digitizing is commonly known as "punching" to those in the embroidery trade. It is the process of converting a graphic image, which is hard copy, to a digital image that can be converted into stitches by embroidery machines. This service can also include resizing if necessary.

Once an image has been digitized, any embroidery service can use it, as often as is necessary. Digitizing is a service that you will only pay for once. However, it may be necessary to re-size the image more than once, depending on where you want to apply it.

Digitizing and Embroidery

Often a client will have an image digitized by the same company that will be given the embroidery contract. This is not always the case however. It is important that an image, once it has been digitized, should be tested out on an embroidery sample before it is used on a large scale. This is to ensure that the image has translated accurately into its digitized form.

If you need a quality embroidery service on an ongoing basis, it makes sense to pick a company that can offer you all the related services that you may need under one roof. This will certainly include digitizing, and perhaps the apparel you'll need too. The most important issue with this kind of work is that the finished product is of the quality you require.

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