Engravable Gifts

Written by Shirley Parker
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Going to the trouble of selecting and ordering engravable gifts indicates time and effort on the part of the giver. For the recipient, it means a keepsake. Who would willingly give away such a personalized gift, whether it's jewelry, a clock, a baseball bat, a fishing rod or wineglasses? After all, it represents an occasion in which the person participated in some way and helps to validate his existence. I was there! They thought enough of me to give me this.

On the other hand, the old platitude about retiring after 50 years with a gold watch and nothing else, is too close to reality for many seniors and isn't appreciated. It's hoped employers demonstrate a great deal more humanity than that, presenting a retirement gift of real substance in return for such loyalty, such as a pension that can't be yanked away. An engraved pocket watch might then be received with respect and gratitude.

In addition to retirements and weddings, other occasions suitable for engravable gifts include new babies (silver-plated rattles, sippy cups, or even tooth fairy boxes). Other important milestones are graduation from high school, vocational school, or college. When a student has really worked hard to steer a course through the many distractions, it's a very nice touch to present an engraved gift, such as a certificate holder for the diploma, or a hinged photo key chain, maybe a leather CD case. For graduations, having gifts engraved with date can help mark the milestone. If your student is an experienced ocean diver or show jumper, or has a private pilot's license, you'll want to keep those special interests in mind when choosing her gift.

Both Bride and Groom Can Give Engravable Gifts

A charm bracelet or miniature heart locket for the flower girl, ankle bracelets, jewelry cases or trinket boxes for the bridesmaids, a golf putter for the father of the bride, the choices are many. Suppliers who specialize in engraving have a lot of experience in the kind of fonts to choose for the lettering, and centering it exactly right. Just remember that it's your responsibility to spell the names clearly and correctly and get the dates right.

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