Engraved Barware

Written by Shirley Parker
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For the groomsman or business associate who values such items, engraved barware will be greeted with a smile. A number of related items lend themselves to engraving, including ice buckets and cocktail shakers, though the presentation box for a wine lover's bar set might come with a brass plate that could be engraved. The giver of the gift will have to make inquiries of whatever sources he uses.

Depending on the budget, a suitable gift for a groomsman might be a 12 oz. or 18 oz. cocktail shaker, or a bar set, with or without cocktail shakers. Engraving costs vary but a five dollar fee per item ordered seems to be the average. The groom needs to plan ahead and allow extra lead time for any customized gift.

In addition to the ice bucket, a stainless steel bar set generally includes a double jigger, a strainer, a bar knife, and a cocktail stirrer, along with a bottle opener, and probably, a stand on which to place the tools. Some suppliers include a cocktail shaker with the set. But since a bar host might want to fix different amounts of a cocktail, shakers are often sold separately. A bar set for a wine lover is simpler, though no less appropriate for the job. Often available in silver plate, it may include a wine bottle collar, a smooth pourer, a bottle stopper and, of course, a corkscrew.

When Guests Ask for Drinks You Don't Know How to Mix

A pocket-size bartender would come in handy, if there were such a thing. And there is. It even looks like a flask. Operated on two AAA Batteries, it can locate drink recipes and what kind of glass each should be served in. An important feature is that it can help a host calculate a guest's blood alcohol level, assuming the guest hasn't already been drinking before he arrives at the event.

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