Engraved Baseball Bats

Written by Shirley Parker
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Engraved baseball or softball bats make great corporate gifts, especially to top-selling salespeople or to an employee who has saved a company many thousands of dollars by implementing a new procedure. They can be laser engraved with a company logo and motto, as well as the employee's name and year of accomplishment. Some bats available for inscription are close to regulation size, while others are mini-bats at approximately 17" in length.

Baseball bats for personalized engraving are generally of northern white ash, the same wood used for professional bats, but descriptions should be read carefully to see if another wood is being used. Aluminum bats can also be engraved, and make good gifts for groomsmen, as well as birthday, corporate and other occasion gifts. Even babies can receive their own mini baseball bats, banded in pink or blue, and engraved with newborn statistics. You might want to make sure at least one parent is a baseball fan before going to the expense.

The true baseball fan has probably always wanted a Louisville Slugger, and those are also available for personalization. Whether for full size, youth size, softball or a miniature replica, custom inscriptions ordered by a non-authorized person cannot include professional player names or teams. Please note that all of these engraved bats are for ornamental use only. There will be no warranty or liability for any other use.

How Do I Store an Engraved Baseball Bat?

What do you do with the bat after you've received it? It may come with a presentation sleeve, but if not, the thoughtful giver of a full size replica will also have ordered a bat display in clear plastic. These can be mounted on the wall or stacked on a desk by the collector.

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